At our core, we view garden design as a form of art that aims to achieve harmony, beauty, and aesthetic appeal. Our focus is on modern landscape architecture that embodies warmth, style, and elegance. Our goal is to create an outdoor space that feels like a second home.


The „Inspiration” is a landscape architecture studio that boasts over 20 years of experience in designing gardens and green spaces. We take pride in our portfolio, which features hundreds of completed projects and an equal number of satisfied clients. Our work knows no geographical boundaries as we have successfully executed projects in various countries such as the France, Germany, the Netherlands and Slovakia.

We have gained extensive experience not only by working on individual garden projects, but also through years of collaboration with renowned architectural studios. This has helped us to fully understand the design language of architecture. We place great emphasis on ensuring that our vision is consistent with the form of the building, indoor spaces and the materials used by the architect.

We are constantly developing and exploring new forms of expression, latest technical solutions, and directions in architecture. Our approach is in line with the well-known maxim of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe - "Less is more". We like to refer to our work as "warm minimalism".

We always remember that landscape architecture is a remarkable art that blends nature's animate sphere (bios) with the inanimate in a harmonious way. The resulting garden is a creation of both nature and the artist.


Our company initially handled all project executions internally, allowing us to gain valuable experience in implementation. This hands-on experience ensures that our ideas and solutions can be seamlessly translated from concept to reality. Our project documentation is comprehensive and includes all necessary details, enabling construction teams to execute projects exactly as planned.



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"Professional and creative approach to garden design. Unique solutions and extensive knowledge of the subject. Absolutely recommendable."


"Collaborating with Piotr is an absolute delight! He exudes professionalism, exceptional politeness, and extensive expertise. During the entire design process, Piotr was always available to offer us assistance and guidance. If we ever need a garden project in the future, we will definitely consider using his services again."

- MK

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"I highly recommend the professional services offered at the highest level. They have a full understanding of customer needs and execute tasks in a timely manner."

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- AZ

"Professional approach in anticipation of client's needs. Professionalism throughout the whole design process. And most importantly - a full commitment to resolving the obstacles of a pseudo-formal nature, that we encountered."

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"Creatively and on a big scale."


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- RL