Our company has expertise in creating all-encompassing plans for green spaces addressing private, commercial, and public investors. Our services include:

- home and residential garden designs;

- terrace and green roof designs;

- public space projects;

- projects supervision.


As a company with extensive experience working with clients, we understand the challenges of realizing the dream of owning a home and garden. In response, we have developed a collaboration model that optimizes the investment process and tailors it to the unique needs of each individual investor. Our approach ensures a seamless and hassle-free design and implementation process.


Throughout the years, we have had the privilege of collaborating with renowned architectural firms and development companies. We fully comprehend the importance of streamlining the design process and maintaining effective inter-industry communication throughout all phases of the collaboration.

We offer


When passion, courage, and craftsmanship

are put altogether, positive things will happen.


To begin our collaboration, our studio will provide you with a detailed offer for the project design. To tailor the offer to your needs, we will require the following information:

- details about the terrain, such as plot size, elevation, directions of the world, and existing tree stand;

- client's needs and expectations for the garden, including its functions and the elements that would be incorporated in the project (e.g., gazebo, water feature, firepit, etc.);

- plot location;

- deadlines.

For the most effective communication, kindly send the mentioned information to us via email, along with:

- a map of the area;

- photos of the plot;

- photos of the building or visualizations.

Our company provides a standard offer within three business days.


Upon agreeing to the proposal, we visit the site to conduct a thorough land measurement and familiarize ourselves with the location. This helps us better understand the customer's requirements and provide them with a tailored service.


We start by drafting a proposal for a functional layout of the garden. Using the concept presented and feedback received, we finalize the functional arrangement of the garden. Once approved, we create computer-generated visualizations.


Once the conceptual design is approved, we create technical drawings that include dimensioned projections, sections, and details of all designed elements, providing all the essential information needed for the successful implementation of the garden.

Our studio provides a comprehensive range of design services tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client and terrain conditions. The complexity and number of components in the design may vary. Our services include:

- computer visualizations;

- computer animation;

- technical drawings of hard surfaces (paths, driveways, ground and floor terraces);

- technical drawings for plantings and lighting schemes;

- technical drawings of SAF (small architectural forms), such as gazebos/pergolas, swimming pools, planters, water features, front fences, firepits, seats, bathing ponds, and more.

Our aim is to ensure the seamless and efficient implementation of the construction process in line with the design assumptions. To achieve this, we offer project supervision assistance. The number of site visits required for this service varies depending on the project's complexity - it could be a few or a dozen. However, in many cases, it may not be necessary whatsoever, especially if the garden project is being implemented by a company we've recommended, which has ample practical experience and is familiar with our projects.

The profession of landscape architecture has its roots in the art of gardening, which led to the assumption that landscape architects should be responsible for the execution of their designs. However, this belief is gradually being discarded, and there is now a clear distinction between the two professions. This distinction is widely accepted in countries with a long history and deep roots in landscape architecture. According to statistics, the most successful landscape architecture studios worldwide focus solely on design and do not handle execution. We share this belief and have adopted the same business model, specializing exclusively in design to achieve similar success.

However, to ensure our clients receive efficient project implementation and achieve their desired results, we have partnered with multiple contractors who have undergone thorough verification and practical testing. We strongly believe that long-term project collaborations guarantee successful cooperation.